The homeworld of the ponies and the main operating planet of the Exion Planetary Defense Initiative. Destroyed in (why did we never create a galactic method of dating?) [DATA CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO INCOMPETENCE], Equestria was the main and only battleground in the Eggman Empire/Exion war. Planetary destruction was inititated many times, but the motion was frequently ignored by the attacker. High Admiral Scratch proposed Operation PAWNCH which would not only probably destroy the attacking EE forces, but also everything in a 12,000 lightyear radius, due to the fact it was to be 12 halos fired in proper sequence. Operation PAWNCH fell a similar fate to other planetary self destruction methods and owning a complete halo array was deemed to overpowered. Operation PAWNCH, JAVELIN, SOWRD, and MARTY were all complete failures and are now just cool wasted names for military operations. The array now only consists of Installation 00 which was canibalised from an ark for the pony race to a massive shipyard and lies at the center of Duna.