Exion started as the Exion Planetary Defense Initiative, a group dedicated to the protection of Equestria from unknown or hostile forces. The Exion Planetary Defense Initiative was destroyed in an attack on one of their colony worlds (which was destroyed entirely) to a race of what looked a bit like Daleks (see Weird Time/Plot Shit). Exion was created due to the lack of a properly funcitoning defenseive organization to defend Equestria and it's colonies. Later, During The Battle of Equestria (see Battle of Equestria), Equestria was lost and the colonies were presumed destroyed. The survivors required a unifying government and defense agency. The groups was called the Conglomerate of Ponified Systems, which was not entirely true because the group consisted of humans as well. The defense agency was called the Exion Armed Forces so they didn't have to repaint the title of every ship, station, and uniform. Keeping the orange and white color scheme as well to avoid massive paint usage. The CoPS was later destroyed in a struggle against a rogue group of what were called "Plant Daleks" (see Plant Daleks) and their other, successful creation, the Orange Bots, are "now" fighting the Plant Daleks in a pointless war that has destroyed numerous asteroids, planets, and stars. (see Orange Bots for what could be considered the next incarnation of the Planetary Defense Corps)