Huge 8itch

A crude drawing of High Admiral Scratch early in her pirate career.

About 20 BYA, on a planet that no longer exists, there was a pirate. Eventually that pirate accumulated a great amount of wealth and bought a starship. She shed (most of) the ways of piracy and became a mercenary. The PDC hired that mercenary and she did her job well. Eventually she was enlisted and rose through the ranks faster than most others. In just 34 years she was High Admiral of the fleet. For no reason in particular, she changed her surname to Scratch and went about changing all entries in the entire database that included her true name she changed them the her rank at that time followed by her new name. Being such a great military leader, a copy of her gene sequences were kept. High Admiral Scratch has died 376 times and 500,000 clones have been made of her. She is currently the dominant species on the planet Duna, followed closely by the Trolls. During her 20+ BYA of life, she has never been removed from her high state of command.