As you know, Futurecraft is a game about spaceships fighting. Thus it is natural to assume that there will be weapons. This is not a final list, nor does it list crafting and damage.

A weapon is, broadly, anything that can be used to deal damage. Some exceptions apply. A tractor beam may not deal damage, but it is still a weapon. A tranquilizer is also a weapon. A jetpack, however, is not a weapon as it does not act upon another person.

Ship Based WeaponryEdit

Ship based weapons are weapons that can only be placed on a ship. These are usually larger than handheld weapons, ranging in size from one block to 7x7x50 or so. It is undecided, but they may be build in the same manner of golems or they may be crafted with a table. Weapons are divided into 3 broad categories, although some don't fall in any.


A kinetic weapon is any weapon that through the use of magnets, gunpowder, thrusters, warpspeed, or any other propulsion, sends something flying at something else.


A simple, low tech weapon that uses gunpowder or some other explosive to propel a ball out of the ship and into another ship.No


A weapon using magnetism to propel a slug at high speeds into another ship.

Boarding PodEdit

A weapon firing a pod of players or battledroids, ready to drill into another ship and take it over from inside.


A weapon fired to keep two ships near each other. Very strong nano-rope capable of stretching to catch onto enemy ships and draw them near.

Magnetic Accelerator CannonEdit

A 7 x 7 tube extending as long as you want it. A huge slug is fired at extreme speeds dealing incredible damage to enemies.



There are several weapon types that deliver thermal and kinetic energy via high-mass atomic and subatomic paticles.

=====Plasma Torpedo =====

A plasma torpedo is a pocket of charged ions shaped by a projected magnetic field. The plasma torpedo tube heats mercury, argon, or xenon to the point of ionization and launches it into space. It is then manipulated by the ship's Field Distortion Array and "fired" at the enemy,

=====Ion Cannon =====

An ion cannon is a very powerful Particle Accelerator Cannon, using forward velocity of charged atoms to deliver a devastating blow to enemy craft.

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