The Orgonati are the latest installment of Vinyl Scratch's factions. Carrying over from Exion a few similarities such as a flag carrying no symbolism and many branches. During the time distortion that happened, The Great Stalemate ended and soon the Orgonati arose from the robotic mess of what was left. The Orgonati does no buisness with the dominant Strigiforme. While seeming to be content with praying at the center of the planet Duna, they have been hard at work carving out shipyards and war facctories beneath the planet's crust in preperation for living up to the legacy of their predecssors and have waited countless generations to die in honorable battle. With nearly 20,000,000,000 years to perfect what was then century old technology and tech that even Predecessor scientists couldn't even grasp, the Orgonati is well armed in most all departments of their society.

((Will add more lore and current specs later, I need to get back to making this bridge - Vinyl))