So, obviously you aren't going to be supporting your space expiditions with your trusty diamond pick anymore. This is a list of machines we need. Feel free to add new sections and items to it. New machines, shields, ways to improve yield, new crafting tables, anything.



A large drill bit hooked up to a mining rig. Low tier.


A laser drill. Can be upgraded into larger, less energy efficient drills by combining them.


After advanced research, nanobots can be made to mine. Just set a nanobot down and it will eat all the ground around it, replicating as it goes, until it mines out a perfect quarry. Then, all the important materials, IE ores and such, are dumped out through the pipes. All cobblestone is lost.

Handheld Mining DrillEdit

Quicker than a diamond drill, requires power from a powersuit.

Tractor BeamEdit

Tractor Beams can also be used to lift up large ammounts of ground mass and move them to some very large melting-thing or something. I honestly don´t really know.