We need weapon ideas.

Hello! Below this is a list. It is a list of weapons. Please post weapons you would like to see and a brief paragraph about them, such as how much damage they would do, what they would require to run and be constructed, and what they would look like.

Feel free to add new subsections. We need more. Missiles, bombs, droppods, railguns, gatling guns, particle beams, plasma projectiles, little guns that fire gravitic anomolies, etc.

Big list:Edit



Lasers. Lasers shoot things. They will travel at the speed of light, as they are only a raycast, which means dodging is impossible. Lasers are best combated by a occular dissipation shield, which works by holding many small, semi-reflective nano-particles in suspension around a magnetic field generated by a ship. 

Rapid Pulse LasersEdit

These lasers are simple. Steriotypical pew pew laser, no ammo, takes low energy, and fires little lines at people. Shoots about one shot per second.

Continious LaserEdit

This laser, while dealing less damage, is set apart by its ability to sustain fire for really long periods of time.

Point Defence LaserEdit

Accurate, quick to target, and dealing low damage at short range ideal for taking out pesky fighters and bombers.

Mega LaserEdit

Powerful beam with slow reload and a much higher damage ratio. However, this laser requires a "Laser Coil" which is rapidly depleted. 

Illumination LaserEdit

This laser is a manual reload deal. It requires people or droids manning the gun at all times, putting in a new Illumination Crystal after every round.

Plasma ProjectorEdit

This weapon fires an ionized gas contained in a magnetic field dealing Kinetic or Plasma Fire DoT. The magnetic field is generated by a magnetron and the plasma is generated by a miniutaure Fusion Reactor.

Projectile CannonEdit

This is any type of cannon firing a solid round, propelled by chemical reactions.

Missiles / RocketsEdit

Any type of self-propelled, self-or-sensor guided weapon, normally with explosive warheads. Common on larger vessels.

Doomsday DeviceEdit

Only mounted on Titans, these weapons are massive, and incredibly destructive. Suffice to say their name is accurate.


Missiles shoot things too, but they do so by shooting a physical thing with rockets instead of a whole lot of photons. Some can even be guided.