Technoma is the capital planet of Technotronics Industries. It is a multi-environmental planet and has a multi-cultural society.


The original name of Technoma was "Omeia", which means "Earth" in the language of the Zamu, the natives of Technoma.

Before the invasion of the Technotronics, the planet looked pretty much the same as it does now. The only difference was that there were no big cities, and there was a very contagious virus infecting and killing lots of Zamu every year.

When the Technotronics came to conquer the planet, they didn't know there were intelligent life there, excluding animals. They realized they had to leave the natives unharmed, keeping in mind what their ancestors used to do to natives back on Earth. They soon discovered the contagious virus, and started producing cures for it immediately.

After a few years, the settlements were starting to become more advanced, and the virus was killed once and for all. A few more years, and the first cities were created. A few decades later, the planet had pretty advanced cities and even some shipyards and labs. That is when the conquest of even more planets started.

Environment and wildlifeEdit

Technoma is known to host most kinds of environments; From forest and jungles, to tundras and deserts, to lava lakes and floating islands. It also has some very special environments, like metal woods, forests made mostly of metal, and sugar fields, wide candy-lands very popular for small children and dentists.

There are also a wide set of wildlife, both harmless and dangerous. There are all kinds of animals, like the razor-toothed porkback, the fuzzy-furred myon, and the glfump, a large, fire-breathing primate-like beast with sharp teeth, drooling jaws, a spike-filled back and pointy claws, that surprisingly enough is a herbivore that never would harm a living creature, not even accidentally.