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The Dominus Astra docked in the spaceport of a desert world

The Rogue Trader Alliance is one of the many factions in the Futurecraft Universe. It was founded by a Rogue Trader named stufuzzycat and his ship, the Dominus Astra, when he and a group of other Rogue Traders decided to band together for mutual protection of their trade convoys. A company that started from simple necessity has grown into a system-spanning trade company that protects its convoys with custom-built heavy cruisers and squadrons of corvettes.


When the RTA was still a fledgling company, a group known as Culuxis Consortium started trying to gain power by destroying any trade companies that wouldn't agree to exist under their rule. Many companies refused, including the RTA, and another, smaller company known as the Delfentine Trade Company, or DTC. The Culuxis Consortium promptly attacked, and destroyed the DTC's home planet with their new dreadnought, the Planet Crusher. This dreadnought was armed with a huge microwave cannon in the prow, which, when fired at a planet, would boil its seas and melt the insides of any living thing on it. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty when it was fired at a ship either. The RTA quickly started to produce their new ship, the Manta destroyer, to combat this new threat. When the CC fleet entered the fringes of the RTA’s system, squadrons of SD-3s were sent to harass and delay the incoming Culuxis fleet, and in the final battle, the SD-3 squadrons were sent to destroy the enemy corvettes, which there were many of, and destroyed 23, for a loss of 4 SD-3s, a striking testimony to the skill of the pilots, and the reliability of the SD-3. The end of the war against the Culuxis Consortium came when a squadron of Mantas penetrated the CC battleline and completely destroyed the Planet Crusher. As all of the CC leaders were onboard, they had effectively cut the head off the Culuxis Consortium, and the few remaining ships were promptly destroyed.



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